Here's a List of Our More Popular Services That We Provide.

Animal Odour Removal

Pet Odours From Urine, Feces, Decomposition or Other Bodily Fluids Are Extremely Offensive.

They are also Very Difficult to Eliminate Without a Professional Odour Control Technician.

Our Expert Odour Control and Removal Services Will Ensure Your Home is Fresh, Clean and Sanitary. More Info Here

Cigarette Odour Removal

Cigarette Smoke Odours are one of the Most Noxious and Repulsive Smells in a Home.

If You are Trying To Sell a Home, It Can Easily Ruin The Sale or Cost You a Loss in Value.

We are Ottawa's #1 Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal Service and Will Remove These Odour For Good! Read More

Decomposition Odours

After Discovery of an Unattended Death, the Decomposition Odours Are Extremely Foul. It is Imperative to Address the Issue Immediately.

Our ABRA Certified Technicians Can Clean and Remove the Medical and Bio hazardous Waste, and Treat The Odours. See More

Duct Cleaning

Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned is an Important Part of Having a Safe Indoor Air Quality Environment.

Our Duct Cleaning Technicians Will Carefully and Professionally Remove Dust, Odours and Allergens From Your HVAC System. Learn More

Ethnic Food Odour Removal

Strong Pungent Odours From Ethnic Foods Such as Curry Can Be Very Hard To Remove as They Penetrate Into Every Part Of Your Home.

Eco-Pro is an Expertly Trained Company and Uses Multiple Methods to Ensure the Offending Smell. Read More

HEPA Air Scrubber Rental

We Have Ottawa's Largest Inventory Of Air Scrubber Rentals. Defendair 500 Certified HEPA Filtration.

Remove VOC's, Construction Dust, Odours and Allergens.  Read More

Ozone Generator Rentals

We Offer Ottawa's Best Ozone Generator Rental Service Which Includes Delivery and Pickup.

Destroys Malodours Quickly!

Daily and Long Term Rentals Available. Read More

Skunk Odour Removal

If your Pet Has Been Sprayed By a Skunk, It Can Be Very Traumatic Both To The Pet and to the Owners.

We Can Remove The Skunk Odour From Your Pet and Home Quickly and Effectively and End The Problem. Find Out More.